100+ Attend Community Human Rights Breakfast

NEW CITY – On Friday, County Executive Ed Day and County Human Rights Commissioner Spencer Chiimbwe held the first-ever Rockland County Community Human Rights Breakfast at the Fire Training Center in Pomona.

“The truth is that so much more unites us than divides us,” said County Executive Ed Day. “Which is why this forum, here and now, is crucial in making sure hate never has a home in this County because discrimination will not and cannot be destroyed from the top-down. The issues we face can only be solved from the ground up, by a community united.”

“Every community member has a stake in the human rights business of Rockland County,” said Commissioner Spencer Chiimbwe. “It is a collective ownership.”

New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR) Commissioner Maria L. Imperial and NYSDHR Regional Director Linda Fenstermaker conducted presentations on the resources available in pursuing human rights cases in New York followed by a question and answer session.

“The Division is charged with ensuring that human rights not only begin but they endure,” said Commissioner Maria L. Imperial. “Our mission is eliminating discrimination, remedying injustice, and promoting equal opportunity, access, and dignity.”

“If you are being discriminated against because of these protected characteristics,” asked NYS Division of Human Rights Regional Director Linda Fenstermaker, “there is a human rights law at your service.”

Over 100+ attended including non-profits organizations, community and religious leaders, and local elected officials.

“I appreciate the New York State Division of Human Rights and Commissioner Maria L. Imperial being present with us today to provide us the tools necessary to win the war,” said County Executive Day. “People of Rockland lets stand tall together and never stop fighting – on good days and bad – for the inalienable rights that we are born with… as we are all created equal.”

“Its voices like you, it’s your presence, that is going to refine this process,” added Commissioner Chiimbwe. “It is your voice, it is our voices, that is going to make this work so much easier.”

Individuals interested in filing a complaint can contact the Rockland County Human Rights Commission at 845-364-3886.

You can also file a complaint with NYSDHR. Discrimination complaints must be filed within one year of the incident; sexual harassment claims must be filed within three years. No attorney or filing fee is needed to make a claim to the NYSDHR and most cases are resolved within a year.

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