City Of Newburgh & PBA Announce Contract Deal

NEWBURGH – City Manager Todd Venning and City of Newburgh PBA President Ricardo Rivera announced a groundbreaking 5-year contract agreement that makes an historic investment in public safety and implements new management practices that will permanently transform the City of Newburgh Police Department.

“The City of Newburgh PBA is extremely happy to announce we reached a deal that will benefit both the PBA and the City,” said City of Newburgh PBA President Ricardo Rivera.

“This agreement will help recruit and retain talented officers from our community. I would like to thank City Manager Todd Venning and his team for their continued support and commitment to getting a deal done.”

The landmark agreement includes a nearly 28% increase to base officer pay in January 2023– an aggressive investment in public safety made possible by City Manager Todd Venning’s multiyear effort to improve the City’s fiscal position.

“My administration spent the last three years working with the City Council to undo decades of mismanagement and put Newburgh on a path to prosperity,” said City Manager Todd Venning. “Those smart budgeting practices are directly responsible for today’s bold investment in public safety that will allow us to attract and retain community-rooted police officers.”

“This agreement arose out of respectful, rigorous negotiations that required trust and good faith from each side. I extend my sincere gratitude to the City’s negotiating team, Corporation CounselMichelle Kelson, and PBA President Ricky Rivera for their tireless work to ensure both sides received the fair deal they deserved.” said Venning.

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