Will This Truly Be A New Year Or Will It Be The Same Old Song Being Sung

By Lillie Howard
Wow! I cannot believe that one whole year has passed since I last shared my thoughts with you. I thank God for granting unto me another year in which I will soon be 83 years old. Wow! I thank God that I can still walk, talk, think and analyze, which is truly an absolute blessing. Let me share with you what strongly motivated me to start my column up again.
It is now 4:33AM, but earlier, from 11PM-3AM, I was watching “DETROIT”, which was a movie about the rioting and civil unrest  which occurred in Detroit during the summer of 1967. Truthfully, I had saw this movie several years ago, but for some reason this time around I was affected by it more than before. That caused me to wonder why? I guess that it’s because this is 2023, which is 56 years since the “DETROIT”  riots happened, but the same types of issues which caused that riot and other riots to happen are still in existence today throughout this country. Truthfully, they have been in existence since my forefather’s feet first touched this American soil. “Wow!”
Even though this country has brought forth both an African American President and Vice President, it still has not  been able to bring forth true love and compassion towards those of us whose forefathers were brought here to help develop this land. Wow! I wonder why! Why are “We” so hard to love? Truthfully, so sad to say, but so many of “US” do not love each other either. Why? I find it to be quite strange in a country that professes to be so largely Christian, that so much love is lacking. Why? This is a real “Serious” question which needs some real “Serious” thoughts and attention given to it for the bullwhip of the slave master has never been completely ended. It has been passed down throughout each generation.
Let me share with you an excerpt taken from the book  “Growing Up Black”which begins with a slave owned by Thomas Jefferson, to Malcolm X and Dick Gregory. ”Nineteen Negro Americans look back on their childhood in this land of freedom and reluctantly conclude that all men were not given equal opportunity. They realize, to begin with, that Thomas Jefferson never meant to include people with black skin when he wrote that all men were entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In fact, as Richard Hofstadter wryly noted, “the leisure, that made possible (Jefferson’s) great writings on human liberty was supported by the labors of three generations of slaves. Moreover, if any one thought emerges from the pages of this book, it is that at no time in American history have Negroes been able to feel that these “inalienable rights” were really theirs. Because when they look back they remember, without exception, that at some point, somewhere in the vulnerability of their childhood they were made to feel that to be a  Negro-not even necessarily to have a dark skin,-meant somehow to be inferior.  And this is true whether they lived in the 1820’s or the 1960’s.( this is also  up to this day)
Wow! Here we are now in 2023 and we still have “Racism” so largely in existence throughout the land. I find this to be so “Sad” especially in a country that professes so largely to be a “Christian” country. Where is the “Love” which was “Commanded” for “Christians” to give to each other? Where is it?
I have greatly missed sharing my thoughts and point of view with you. I thank God that this almost 83 year old body is still able to read, to think and to share my thoughts.
Hopefully, this will be a year whereby the “Love” which was commanded by our Heavenly Father to be given unto one another, will become more evident throughout the land. In my heart I do believe that time is winding down. Those of us which are Christians must not ever forget that “Love” for our fellowman was “Commanded” not requested. Give some “Real” serious thoughts towards that. “Happy New Year!”
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