Book to Inspire Black Boys to Be Librarians

Rodney Freeman is excited to share his second children’s book entitled ‘Little Rodney the Librarian.’ This book is the second Freeman has published under his platform ‘The Black Male Archives’ designed to represent black males positively. ‘Little Rodney the Librarian’ was published on December 01, 2022.

Rodney Freeman is a librarian and archivist committed to sharing the narrative of the African American family and excellence. He felt that there was not enough positive light on black men as fathers, husbands, and leaders.

Because of this, Freeman created his ‘Black Male Archives’ platform. Through this platform, he captured, curated, and highlighted positive stories about black men and the black experience in the United States.

‘Little Rodney the Librarian’ is an engaging read centered on imagination and adventures exploring the library. When his friend Chloe tasks Little Rodney with helping her find her brother a book to complete a report so they can finally go on a family vacation, resident book lover and self-proclaimed Librarian Little Rodney is up to the task—and he does it in a way she never expected. His computer glove and transforming library desk take them straight into three books, hoping the experience will help Chloe discover which one she wants to check out. But they quickly learn that they are racing against the clock—a horde of bugs is slowly eating the books, and if they don’t make a choice and get out fast, Rodney and Chloe will be trapped in the book forever.

Freeman wrote this children’s book in dedication to his newborn son and all book lovers to show that they can be anything they dream to be.

The book ‘Little Rodney the Librarian’ is available for purchase on Amazon. In addition to this, it is available on the Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. ‘Little Rodney the Librarian’ is an excellent read for children between five (5) and ten (10) years old.

In an interview conducted by Urbaanite Nashville, Freeman stated that “People need and must see more stories of positive Black men and minorities in general to destroy these unrealistic narratives and perceptions that many people believe are true. Unfortunately, these negative stereotypes have birthed deadly consequences like Ahmaud Arbery and the many others whose stories we have not even heard about.”

Parents can purchase the work of Rodney Freeman for their children and enjoy the love, excitement, and adventure of ‘Little Rodney the Librarian’ with them.

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