Michelle Hinchey District Swearing-In Ceremony

SAUGERTIES – State Senator Michelle Hinchey was sworn-in Saturday, January 7, at the Saugerties Performing Arts Factory (SPAF). Federal, state, and local leaders joined Hinchey to commemorate the occasion as the Senator pledges her service to the new 41st Senate District, which includes Greene and Columbia counties, Northern Dutchess and most of Ulster County.

Chuck Schumer, the US Senate majority leader, delivered a keynote speech at the ceremony.

Hinchey was officially sworn in for her second two-year term in Albany earlier in the week.
Schumer praised Hinchey for her dedication to help her communities as she works as a member in the state senate.

“Team Hinchey, I am a proud member of it. Knocked on 70,000 doors, made 112,000 phone calls and voted. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Schumer. “She has had over 50 community forums, goes to every corner of her district like me. I go to every county every year, I still do. I love it and getting out is very critical for a leader. This is how you learn; this is how you understand peoples’ struggles and needs, and Michelle is relentless in doing it.”

Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado who made some remarks, attended the ceremony with Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the state Senate majority leader who swore Hinchey in during the ceremony.

Representative Pat Ryan, of the 18th Congressional District, was suppose to attend and offer some remarks, but he was in the nation’s capital all week as the Republican majority finally chose Kevin McCarthy late Friday as the Speaker of House after 15 attempts and days of marathon sessions.

Hinchey said that’s not the way government is suppose to work, distancing her and state senate’s work from what she said is that dysfunction on the federal level.

“Even with the dysfunction we are seeing on the federal level, hopefully we’ve closed the door on that late last night, while we watch that dysfunction, it’s so important to have government we can believe in, government can trust.” she said. “Government we know that will doing the work every day, not for show, not for the cameras, not for a sound clip – but for people who live in our communities who don’t have that kind of time to waste because every moment fighting for our areas and for our neighbors is critically important.”

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