Bonelli Named Orange County Legislature Chair

GOSHEN – Republican Orange County Legislator Katherine Bonelli of Blooming Grove (District 5) has been elected chairwoman of the lawmaking body for another year during the reorganization meeting earlier this month.

Tom Faggione will continue to serve as GOP majority leader and Michael Paduch will remain as Democratic minority leader.

The long-time legislator said that she continues to pledge to the residents of Orange County to continue to lead by inclusion and create an environment that that is inviting to work collaboratively, not only with the executive branch, but with commissioners, directors, and department heads.

Bonelli offered congratulations to both Faggione and Paduch on their respective re-elections, and commended them on their professional work ethic.

She further noted that the county begins the new year with a sound and fiscally strong budget. “This budget not only includes funding for essential services, but also provides aggressive funding for our parks system as well as our tourism office.”

Bonelli also pointed out that the county was also able to decrease the county tax rate. Telling the legislative body, “This is a feat that each and everyone of us should be very, very proud of.”

The legislative body will soon begin work on redistricting plans and the associated challenges. “As we move forward the wheels of motion are already in place for our mandated redistricting plan. We are prepared to face those challenges throughout 2023,” she said.

She continued, “In 2023, we will also start to see some real movement in the Orange County Sewer District improvements and expansion. This has been a longstanding issue… that we will finally see through real movement for some much-needed improvements. The upcoming year will be filled with unique challenges, and we will work toward a healthier world and a strong health economy together.”

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