Ryan Delivers Federal Funding for Water Projects

CORNWALL – For the second week in a row, Congressman Pat Ryan delivered major federal funding to Orange County, this time focused on crucial water infrastructure projects. For this second announcement, Ryan stood at the entrance to the town hall in Cornwall where he was joined by local officials.

After the first week of being in Washington and the first week of this new congress, which Ryan called “a little bumpy,” he said, “It feels really damn good to be back on home turf. Back in the Hudson Valley on sort of more solid and sane ground.”

Ryan said he was committed from day one to do everything he can to the end of his term to actually deliver, to make sure he’s bringing resource back to the Hudson Valley.

“We all know the long history of pollution throughout Orange County in a whole bunch of different ways, and also, the long history of under investment in what happens below the ground that is too easy to ignore and forget and not invest in,” Ryan said.

Ryan announced there would be $3.5 million to replace asbestos filled pipes in Colden Park neighborhood in the Town of Newburgh.

$4 million will be going to help replace pipes in Middeltown that were built in 1887. “I think if people really knew that,” Ryan said about the age of the pipes, “they would be proud we were fixing it, and pissed off its taken so long to do it.” And $1.65 million to fix drainage in Hasbrook area in the Town of Cornwall.

“We all know how expensive water and sewer infrastructure is to build, repair or replace, which is why it’s never been more important to have the support of the Federal Government to help make these projects possible,” said Cornwall Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski. “The $1.65 million in clean water fund dollars will allow us to move forward with the Hasbrouck Drainage Project, saving residents and Main Street business owners from flooding caused by extreme weather events as well help us to improve the sidewalk system that leads to our downtown which is currently undergoing an economic transformation.”

Wojehowski said he couldn’t remember the last time Cornwall has received a congressional earmark, saying, “This may be the first time.”

“Our taxes are high enough here in New York. I think any help we can get from the federal government to alleviate that, to pay for a really costly project is really important,” Wojehowski said.

“I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due. I am the new guy and a lot this work was built on the work that your former congressman, Sean Patrick Maloney did and in particular these projects he and his great staff did the heavy lifting,” Ryan said.

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