“Another One Bites the Dust,” This is “Madness”

Wow! It’s been quite awhile since I have shared my point of view with you, and I must admit that I have missed doing so. For quite awhile I have thought about coming back to you, but for some reason or another I just did not. Taking into consideration what my eyes have most recently gazed upon, and my ears have listened to, re: this most recent horrific incident re: the “Police”, I realized that “Lillie’s Point Of View” was once again needed to be shared.

Truthfully, my heart is very overwhelmed right about now, for as I sat watching television last night, listening to the news, I found my eyes filling up with tears. I could not believe what I was hearing and truthfully, I did not want to believe what I was hearing. Five of “Our” very own (Africa American) police in Memphis were charged with second-degree murder for the death of a 29 year old Black man, Tyre Nichols. A grand jury returned indictments against the African American police officers. Charges include kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression, in addition to second degree murder. “The actions of all of them resulted in the death of Tyre Nichols, and they are all responsible!” This statement was made by Memphis District Attorney Steven J. Mulroy.

How long is this madness going to continue to go on? How long? How long?

What type of individuals could participate in such “Horrific” madness? What kind of hearts are dwelling inside of them? Those questions seems to “Never” be truthfully answered.

Why? Why? Why? Does anyone know the true answer to those questions? Evidently not, for if the answer was known, this “Madness” would be able to be stopped. What is it going to take to make it end? Does anyone have the “Real” answer to this most significant and important question? If so, please step forward and share it with us.

Truthfully, for quite awhile I have thought about reactivating my column, but for some reason or another I did not do so. Well, I’m back now and I will most definitely be sharing my “Point Of View” with you and hopefully you will be glad that I have decided to do so.

“To God Be The Glory!” My prayers go out to this family due to this inhumane atrocity which has been committed by several of the men in blue. “Lord Have Mercy!” We as the citizens of Newburgh, N.Y. should be “Very” concerned about this, for we here in this city have also experienced this quite a few times. Quite a few families have had their loved ones lives taken away from them by our “Men In Blue!

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! If not, we in this city will once again be going through this horrible “Madness!” We can no longer be complacent regarding this “Horrific” issue for if so, we will continue to be faced with this horrific issue.

“Wake Up!” “Wake Up!” “Wake Up!” If not, you will only have yourselves to blame for what could happen. “Get Involved Now, Not Later” for if not one of your loved ones could be the next one whose life is “Snatched” away by one of our men in “Blue!”

I am so glad to be back with you and hopefully you are glad to have me back.

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say!

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