Black History Facts That You Might Not Know

Being that this is the beginning of “BLACK HISTORY” month I decided that I should share with my readers some historical facts, that more than likely are not known. Some may be aware of them, but many may not be aware. 1)Black people are the original people of the planet. DNA evidence proves that “All” humans today came from a group of Blacks who traveled and settled the globe more than 60,000 years ago. All of the elements of civilization began in Africa, including religion, art, science, government, mining, writing, music, mathematics, architecture, engineering and agriculture.

Before Greece, Rome or Europe was ever established there were multiple Black civilizations throughout the world, already thousands of years old. Blacks started compulsory education. Even stoneworkers in ancient Egypt learned to read, and education was made mandatory by the Moors, while 90% of Europe was illiterate, including the royalty.

Blacks started libraries. The ancient Egyptians created paper about 4,000BC, which made library storage easier. Over 700,000 books were in the libraries of Egypt before Homer, the father of Western literature, was even born.

The earliest mathematical device found to date is the Lebombo bone of Southern Africa. It is about 37,000 years old and appears to be a lunar calendar.

Blacks developed the first economic systems. Cowrie shells are brightly colored shells that served as one of the earliest forms of money in ancient Africa, predating gold coins (which were also developed by Blacks.)

Blacks settled the globe. The Andamanese islanders (near India) are direct descendants of the Blacks that first settled all of Asia more than 50,000 years ago. They looked just like dark-skinned Blacks in the U.S.

Blacks were the first to use what we now call “religion” as a means of teaching life lessons and promoting ideals. Dr. King thought Christian myths and doctrines were unrealistic but saw the ministry as a way to position his ideas on social protest.

Blacks built the first urban civilizations everywhere they went. 4,000 years ago, India was an advanced Black civilization with paved roads and a sewer system. It was called “eastern Ethiopia” because the people there looked exactly like those of the Ethiopia in Africa. After European invasion, Blacks went from being the “first” to the “last” in many of these places. Outcasts of the caste system in India, the Dalits are considered the largest Black community in the world outside of Africa.

Black people even ended up in unexpected places. Asians, South Americans and even the Inuit (or “Eskimos”) began as dark-skinned people. Early European accounts described Blacks as the first inhabitants of Europe.

The above information was derived from Supreme Design Publishing presents“365 Days Of Black History”(Little-Known Facts Of The Global Black Experience From Prehistory To The Present).

More black history facts next week. Until then, this is “Lillie’s Point of View and I’m still having my say! PEACE!

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