Scholars Present Collaborative Research

NEWBURGH – Students in Ms. Matula and Mrs. Kover’s class presented research to their peers and families in their choice of hands-on projects. Students spent weeks conducting collaborative research and followed up with independent research at home. Their teachers collaborated with Mrs. Mele, the school librarian, to deepen their students’ knowledge of non-fiction text features and explore resources through their Launchpad. In class, they worked with peers to explore research questions related to animal adaptations and then brought these skills home to partner with their families to create displays to present.

Students chose between digital brochures, informative posters and 3-D dioramas. They also chose to present in English, Spanish or both languages. They practiced their speaking and listening skills to prepare for presentation day. Parents came to the classroom at their child’s scheduled presentation time to participate in offering audience feedback. Ms. Matula and Mrs. Kover’s class modeled their system for offering “stars” and “steps” as parents had the opportunity to observe and then do the same.

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