Why Is Our “True” History Not Being Taught?

The above question needs to be given some “Real” serious thoughts. When I say “Our” true history, not only am I talking about “Black” history, but I am talking about the “History” of this “Entire” nation as it pertains to the “Treatment” of human beings whose color was not “White!” I realize that this is a very “Painful” subject to discuss, but it “Must” be done.

Truthfully, I find myself wondering what Bible was being read during that time, and truthfully during this time, because in the one that I read we are “Commanded” to love one another. Where was and is the “Love” that was supposed to be given to one another? History reveals that there was no love being given by the “Slave” masters to their slaves. Evidently, their treatment of the slaves lines up with the song “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Wow!

Truthfully, I have grown very weary and tired of trying to hear the answer to that question any longer. Being that this is still what they call “Black” history month I will continue to share some historical facts with you about the history of my forefather’s contributions to society.

Thomas Jennings became the first Black to patent an invention in 1821. Although Blacks (even during slavery) invented many things, whites often took credit because Blacks could not patent their ideas. Charles R. Drew was a Black scientist responsible for the creation of blood banks in 1940. Sadly, he died in 1950, allegedly due to a lack of available blood because Blacks still weren’t allowed access to white blood.

In mathematics, the ancient Egyptians gave us not only arithmetic, but algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and also calculus. Higher math was needed for building massive temples and pyramids. Around 1457 AD, famous universities were established in the cities of GAO, Jenne, and Timbuktu, which offered courses that included astronomy, medicine, mathematics, hygiene, music and many others.

Evidence discovered in 1978 showed that East Africans were making steel for more than 1,500 years. The preheated forced draft furnaces were more sophisticated than any method used in Europe until the mid-19th century. The Egyptian Great Pyramid is among the 7 Wonders of the World, and even today we still cannot reproduce this structure. There are about 120 pyramids in Egypt and about 240 in Sudan.

Despite the fact that only about 3% of American scientists have been Black, Black scientists have made tremendous contributions for the benefit of all mankind. Percy Lavon Julian, born in 1899, was one of America’s greatest chemists, despite having to get his Ph.D in Austria because American universities wouldn’t take a Black man.

Even in prehistoric times, so-called “primitive” Black people understood the environment so well that they set taboos on what people could not hunt or eat, in order to preserve ecological diversity and keep natural systems balanced.

Until next week, this is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say! PEACE!

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