So What’s Going On and Why Is It All Happening

Truthfully, right about now I find myself feeling “Very” despondent. This 83 year old heart is feeling very heavy and very weary. Truthfully, I do not really enjoy looking at my television that much any longer because mostly all that is on the tv screen is filled with so much violence, trickery and deception. Wow!

How many of the children’s eyes are gazing upon all of the negative stuff that is on the tv screens? How many of our children’s ears are hearing all of it? How many parents are monitoring what their children’s eyes are gazing upon on their tv screens? Youngsters are very vulnerable and impressionable therefore their eyes, ears and minds should be protected from being exposed to all of this negative stuff.

Mother, mother, there are far too many of you crying. Brother, brother, there are far too many of you dying. What’s going on? What’s “Really” going on? Chaos is going on throughout society. Cultural wars are going on throughout this country. Race and history throughout our school systems are being questioned. What’s really going on? Who should be making decisions re: what our children should be learning within their schools? “Race and History in our Schools” is causing great turbulence throughout this country. Cultural wars are raging in public schools.

Race and gender issues are uncomfortable issues but these conversations need to be held. Why are they not wanted to be taught throughout our school systems? I do believe that those subjects are not wanted to be taught throughout our school systems because it will reveal the “Truth” about what “Really” went on throughout this country. It will reveal just how horrible that their forefathers treated our forefathers. It will help our children to be able to understand the way that things are throughout this country as it pertains to “Race” relations. “Truth” crushed to the ground always rises up again.

“How was it possible for ‘slavery’ to be so successful in a country that professed to be largely a ‘Christian’ country?” Does anyone have the true answer to this question? How could it be when in the Bible we’re “Commanded” to “Love” one another? During “Slavery” how were those that professed to be “Christians,” so able to remain silent re: the inhumanity that was done towards other human beings? How? How? How? WOW!

I can understand why “Black” history is not wanted to be taught within the school systems for it will reveal the “True” nature and depravity of the “Slave” masters. Although, it would help us to better understand exactly why things throughout this country are the way that they are. It would also help us to better understand how it was possible for the tragedy that happened in Washington D.C. when the capital was rampaged by the children of the slave masters.

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say!

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