Central Hudson Restores Power to 21,000 Customers Tuesday

HUDSON VALLEY – Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. has restored power to approximately 21,000 customers on Tuesday as a slow moving, but damaging winter storm moved through the area.  As of 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, approximately 15,000 customers are without service with the majority of outages located in Dutchess County:

  • Albany County:          338 customers impacted
  • Columbia County:      1,575 customers impacted
  • Dutchess County:       10,104 customers impacted
  • Greene County:           741 customers impacted
  • Orange County:          92 customers impacted
  • Putnam County:          1,377 customers impacted
  • Ulster County:            996 customers impacted

“Our crews were able to make good progress today despite the wintry conditions that continued through most of the day,” said Ryan Hawthorne, Vice President of Electric Engineering and Operations. “We have more than 850 line and line clearance professionals who will continue working into the night to address 500 individual outage locations.”

As the snow exits the region this evening, winds are expected to pick up, with gusts of up to 45 miles per hour in some areas. These powerful gusts may cause additional outages.

Central Hudson employees load dry ice into a customer vehicle in Highland on Tuesday.
Central Hudson employees load dry ice into a customer vehicle in Highland on Tuesday.

“We understand how critical electric service is to our customers and we are working to restore power as safely and efficiently as possible,” Hawthorne added.

Residents are advised to exercise an abundance of caution around downed power lines by staying at least 30 feet away and remember that downed lines can become entangled and hidden in fallen limbs. Residents should also remember to assume any downed power lines are live.

Customers are advised to keep safety in mind, particularly during power interruptions:

  • Never use kitchen stoves or outdoor gas or charcoal grills indoors, as they pose a fire hazard and over time can give off carbon monoxide gas;
  • Beware of fallen trees and limbs, and use caution when traveling;
  • Avoid the use of candles for illumination due to fire hazards;
  • Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions on the use of emergency generators, and be sure to shut off the main breaker when in use and operate the units outdoors;
  • Operate cars and motor vehicles outdoors only, and never inside the garage; and
  • Avoid travel along roadways as hazardous conditions may cause driving accidents, including those involving utility poles which may cause power interruptions.

Customer should avoid cold weather hazards by:

  • Exercising care when using space heaters by keeping them away from flammable materials such as paper or curtains, placing them out of areas of foot traffic, and shutting them off when not in use;
  • Clearing ice that has the potential to fall, particularly near doorways and around utility meters, and keeping meters free of snow by lightly brushing them with a broom;
  • Keeping chimneys and flues clear of ice, snow and other obstructions to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home; and
  • Exercise caution when outdoors or avoid spending time outside when possible.
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