Women’s History Month Roundtable Held

Acting Superintendent Dr. K. Veronica Smith attended a Women’s History Month roundtable discussion hosted by State Senator Jamaal Bailey. The discussion was attended by several city officials, all women.

“It is important to have these conversations with legislators, so they can hear the firsthand perspectives of women,” said Dr. Smith. “We need to bring these issues to the forefront because most men might not think of them as much. We envision a better world for the young ladies at our schools, and that means taking action on their behalf.”

The officials at the roundtable discussed pay gap disparity, public safety, maternity leave, and childcare. They also talked about pink collar jobs, which are jobs that have historically been seen as women’s work. One way that was mentioned to get women to pursue other careers was encouraging them to explore alternatives during their time in school.

The focus at the roundtable was on what legislation could bring women closer to equality. Once the women brought up their concerns, State Senator Bailey ensured them that he would bring those issues forward.

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