Rebuilding Together Dutchess County to Rebuild Three Homes

DUTCHESS COUNTY – Rebuilding Together Dutchess County (RTDC), a local affiliate of the leading national nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together, will host its annual National Rebuilding Day on Saturday April 29th. With a vision to ensure safe, healthy homes and communities for everyone, RTDC works year-round to provide critical home repairs for our neighbors in need.

Approximately 75 volunteers will repair three homes needing essential home repairs on April 29th. The nonprofit has been serving the Dutchess County region for over three decades and have significantly impacted thousands of our neighbors since their founding, repairing almost 1,100 Dutchess County homes.

“We know the importance of having a safe, warm and healthy home and the huge difference it makes in the stories of our lives,” stated Darcy McCourt, Executive Director of RTDC. As we prepare for this event she continued by stating that, “improvements and modifications that we provide allow homeowners like Elizabeth of Poughkeepsie to safely and comfortably live out their story in an improved, secure setting.”

A Poughkeepsie homeowner served in 2022 with former Senator Sue Serino and project volunteers.
A Poughkeepsie homeowner served in 2022 with former Senator Sue Serino and project volunteers.

Elizabeth is a widowed senior of a veteran, who has lived in her home for 57 years. She has been unable to manage the cost or labor involved in repairing a deteriorated floor and other health and safety hazards to be addressed on the 29th. “I feel grateful and have peace-of-mind knowing someone is looking out for me and my home,” Elizabeth stated. Showing emotion, she continued, “I am unable to afford all the fixing that has to be done and for this I am grateful. I was surprised to learn I was chosen, but I am so thankful.”

The two other Dutchess County residents who will be served this month are Janet, an 89-year-old resident of Wappingers Falls and Ann of Poughkeepsie, a widow in her 90s. They have each lived in their homes for about 55 years.

Partnerships, sponsors and volunteers are a vital component of the organization, allowing RTDC to carry out their programs and make the necessary critical repairs so many need. There are nine companies and organizations collaborating on this National Rebuilding Day on the 29th, as financial partners, in-kind donors, team leads and volunteers.

Rebuilding Together Dutchess County provides these services at no cost to homeowners year-round, with the support of local business sponsorships, in-kind donations, federal and local grants, and individual donations. “We are improving the physical and mental health of our neighbors, increasing their safety and sense of independence while improving their economic security and communities around them – that is what makes all the difference in the world.” McCourt concluded.

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