Inspired by the Inuit, Drum Circle to be Held

HURLEYVILLE – When Sullivan County native Dr. Frederick Cook first stepped off a ship in Greenland, he was greeted by Inuit natives who invited him to an evening ceremony of drum dancing, an Inuit form of art for at least 4,500 years.

Such a ceremony had a multi-faceted purpose as entertainment and to solve interpersonal conflicts. The drum, consisting of bones or wood and varying in size, was also the indispensable tool of the angakoq – the Inuit shaman.

Inspired by that century-old gathering, the Frederick Cook Society will host a drum circle at the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville on Sunday, May 21 from 2-4 p.m. Congas, bongos, djembes and all types of percussive instruments are welcome! A small collection of drums will be on hand for those who do not have their own. (Please call to reserve an instrument.)

The circle will be led by local drummer Larry Steiger, who began playing drums at the age of 13 in a rock band at the Concord Hotel.

Refreshments will be served and donations welcomed. For more information, call 845-434-8044.

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