Campbell Responds to School Access Claims

Dear NECSD Families,

It has been brought to my attention that inaccurate information has been circulating on social media implying the district is loosening its restrictions on sex offenders and their ability to access our schools.

The safety of our students is the district’s and my personal number one priority. As we make revisions to any district policy, the district must make sure we are in compliance with state and federal laws, as well as not violating any rights of our community members. We also want to be careful we do not unintentionally limit the district’s ability to provide a safe environment. As the policy is revised, our current policy is still in effect and being abided by.

As parents enter our school buildings there are numerous safeguards in place from locked doors, vestibules, security monitors and cameras, as well as our Raptor ID background check. All of these are part of our multifaceted approach to school safety.

Further review of the proposed changes by the Board requires legal analysis and collaboration between the Board of Education and the district’s educational experts. This will ensure the proposed changes being implemented positively benefit not only our scholars, but our faculty, staff, and community as a whole. It is the responsibility of myself and my executive team to inform the Board of Education on these matters, and for them to then make the best possible policy decisions that do not impact daily functioning of our schools.

My priority continues to be the future of Every Goldback, Every Day.

Dr. Jackielyn Manning Campbell
Superintendent of Schools

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