Serino Raises $250k to Set County Fundraising Record

HYDE PARK – Former State Senator Sue Serino announced her campaign set a fundraising record raising more than any county executive candidate has ever filed at the July deadline. Serino reported raising over $250,000, breaking the previously held record by Marc Molinaro in 2011.

“Our campaign has real momentum building as we reach every corner of Dutchess County to discuss the topics impacting our neighbors the most – affordability and public safety,” said Sue Serino. “I am so appreciative of the immense support and love from our community these past five months.”

Serino’s fundraising achievement demonstrates her campaign’s formidable strength and unifying message in garnering support from individuals and organizations from every corner of Dutchess County – by placing families, seniors, veterans and small businesses at the heart of her campaign.

In a show of widespread support, Serino received a donation from every municipality in Dutchess County, solidifying her position as a unifying force for the entire region.
Sue Serino previously served as the New York State Senator for the 41st District from 2015-2022, was a Dutchess County Legislator from 2011 to 2014 and a Member of the Hyde Park Town Board from 2010 to 2011.

To learn more about Sue, or the campaign, please visit

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