Delaware Named Best Black Chamber of the Year

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Black Chamber proudly recognizes the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce (DEBCC), naming it the Best Chamber of the Year 2023.

This esteemed accolade comes as a testament to the DEBCC’s commitment to fostering economic growth, promoting entrepreneurship, and advocating for the interests of Black-owned businesses in Delaware.

Established in 2020 and currently at 627 members, the DEBCC has emerged as a driving force in the state’s business landscape, propelling Black-owned enterprises towards success and prosperity.

Under the exceptional leadership of Ayanna Khan, the chamber has demonstrated unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in promoting economic empowerment within Delaware’s Black community.

Throughout the year 2023, the DEBCC spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at empowering Black entrepreneurs, providing them with resources, and connecting them with opportunities for growth.

These initiatives encompassed insightful seminars, impactful workshops, and networking events designed to foster collaborations and partnerships within the vibrant business ecosystem of Delaware.

Furthermore, the DEBCC exhibited exceptional adaptability and perseverance in navigating and mitigating the challenges posed by the global pandemic. By promptly establishing virtual platforms and digital tools, the chamber successfully transitioned its programs and services online, ensuring consistent support to its members and the wider business community.

In addition to its remarkable efforts, the DEBCC continuously strove towards addressing economic disparities by advocating for equitable policies and fostering an inclusive business environment. Through its advocacy initiatives, the chamber consistently engaged with government bodies, local officials, and key stakeholders to address systemic barriers and promote fair opportunities for Black entrepreneurs in Delaware’s business landscape.

The National Black Chamber is immensely proud to present the Best Chamber of the Year 2023 award to the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce. Its dedication, meaningful impact, and commitment to empowering Black businesses have set new standards within the chamber community. This recognition symbolizes the DEBCC’s exceptional abilities and their remarkable contributions to the business world in general, and particularly to Delaware’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

About the Delaware Black Chambe of Commerce
The vision of the DEBCC is to serve the needs of Black owned businesses and provide economic opportunity and support to them as well as the communities they serve. We strive to leave our footprint in the sand of Delaware’s business landscape and forge a path that leads to a steady flow of resources beneficial to our business members through relationships, partnerships and apprenticeships.

Our mission is to support the initiatives of Black business owners and foster an enterprise that focuses on success and viability. We endeavor to create awareness and visibility of our efforts at local, state, and federal levels through advocacy. We strive to provide access to education and training that keeps Black business owners in step with the ever-changing requirements of Delaware’s economic playing field.

About the National Black Chamber of Commerce
The National Black Chamber of Commerce©, NBCC, a 501c3 organization, is the largest Global Black Business Association, celebrating its 30th year anniversary, of advocating to economically empower and sustain African American communities through entrepreneurship, and capitalistic activity within the United States, and globally, via interaction throughout the Black Diaspora.

NBCC is on the leading edge of educating and training Black communities on the need to participate in this great capitalist society of global commerce. NBCC is the largest federation of Black Chambers of Commerce in the world and celebrates 30 years of service to Black businesses throughout the United States and internationally. To learn more, visit

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