Poughkeepsie Students Welcome Return to School

POUGHKEEPSIE – From the youngest students to the oldest, Poughkeepsie City School District scholars returned to classes last week at all seven schools.

“I’m looking forward to playing with friends,” kindergartner I’Yarah Wells said after exiting the bus at the Early Learning Center and being met by her mother, Ivorey and sister, I’Yahna. She also liked her backpack, which was pink and had “LOVE” in blue glitter stitched to it.

Mom, Ivorey, said she is looking for I’Yarah, “to grow, learn and meet new friends. She’s very excited to meet new children her age.”

Common among many schools and/or classes was a review of rules.

At Morse Elementary School, for example, first and second graders gathered in the cafetorium to review the rules of the school. “One, two, three, eyes on me,” Yolanda Wright, the assistant principal said from the front of the room. “One, two, eyes on you,” the group of students responded.

Wright explained that if they hear that expression it means they should stop what they are doing, pay attention and respond.

Clinton Elementary School’s Joanna Sullivan, who is teaching first grade for the first time this year, had three simple rules in her class: “Be fair. Be safe. Have Fun!”

Students in Sonia Brown’s third grade class spent part of the afternoon creating their own “First Day of 3rd Grade” headbands which they colored and cut out.

“Today was exciting because I learned new things,” student Angel Ortiz said, adding that he is excited about math.

Krieger Elementary School’s new principal Carolyn Fields said a life skills orientation was held with parents between 9-10 a.m. She visited Michele Mancuso’s 4th grade class as they were working on an “All About Me” assignment to help Mancuso and their classmates get to know them.

“Reading is probably my favorite subject,” said Carley Wood, adding that the Junie B. Jones book series was her top pick. She looks forward to “making some more friends.”

Superintendent Dr. Eric Jay Rosser spent the morning and part of the afternoon visiting each school building to check on construction work completed over the summer and check in with administrators and staff.

To help first graders learn how to get around the school, Warring Elementary School Principal Nicole Penn and her team put together a scavenger hunt for the classes. They posted stickers on key rooms/locations around the building and classes walked the halls seeking them out.

Secondary schools
At Poughkeepsie Middle School and Poughkeepsie High School, students moved through halls and, for those who needed help finding their way, there was a student, monitor or teacher there to help guide them.

Seventh grader Oriah Morgan said her first day as a seventh grader at PMS, “has been good. The teachers are nice.” Asked what classes she liked, she said math “I like the teacher, he is nice and we watched a video today” and Home and Careers, “cooking is my favorite,” she said. PMS’ Home and Careers classroom underwent a total renovation over the summer, with new cabinets, flooring, ceiling and appliances installed – some still had the coverings on them.

Interim Principal Robert Parkes praised everyone for a good first day back.

“The staff has been outstanding, welcoming our scholars back and our scholars are doing a great job entering in the morning and jumped right into the classrooms and are working with the teachers on learning.”

Tenth grader Bryan Antonio said the first day back went better than last year’s first day.
“It was pretty relaxed and they didn’t put a lot on us the first day – they just talked to us about what we were going to do this year,” he said. “I’m looking forward to all my classes and learning new things,” he said, adding that English is his favorite class.

Principal Phee Simpson said she was, “looking forward to a productive school year. It started well and I hope it ends well.”

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