Kingston’s First Cannabis Showcase

KINGSTON – Kingston Marijuana Task Force members Elizabeth Baker and Amberly Jane Campbell, in partnership with the City of Kingston and Ulster County, are pleased to announce Kingston’s first Cannabis Showcase — Kingston BURNS, a celebration of locally-based music, food, education, fashion, cannabis and more.

The event is slated for Saturday, October 14, from 12 noon to 6 p.m., at Kingston Point Rotary Park.

It will feature local and regional growers, such as Back Home Farm in High Falls and Hepworth Farms in Milton. Regional dispensaries will also be on hand to facilitate the purchase of cannabis products.

Educational discussions courtesy of Blak Mar Farms will run throughout the event, and cover topics such as “Cannabis and Wellness,” “Responsible Consumption and Harm Reduction,” “Medical Applications of Cannabis,” “Cultivation and Sustainability,” “Social Equity Programs and Initiatives,” “How to Launch Your Brand,” and much more. Educators will be on hand to answer your burning cannabis questions.

Radio Kingston is providing a stage, with musical guests coordinated by Fabian Marshall, Monique Tinsley, Joe Simms and Corey Marshall. The event will host a range of local musical acts, such as Ayi, Simms, Fly Guy Impulse, F.A.B. and more.

Kingston’s own Anrika Martin of Di Sweet Spot — fresh off her Food Network appearance — will debut her new food trailer, and join other local food trucks at the event.

A mini-fashion show will kick off at various times throughout the day, organized by Ann Marie Crooks of Mac Ree Styles and Tyra Costello of Tyra’s Vintage Rack.

Candice Van Dyke, Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Professor at SUNY Ulster, will be in attendance to promote educational opportunities.

The event’s name is not only a nod to cannabis but is also an homage to The Burning of Kingston, a three-day event running concurrently in Kingston, October 13-15, which commemorates historical events that transpired in 1777 during the Revolutionary War.

Kingston BURNS was additionally made possible thanks to the help of several local stakeholders, including community organizer Ravin Williams.

“The stigma surrounding cannabis use has long plagued our communities, often leading to unjust discrimination and marginalization. It is high time that we challenge these misconceptions and foster a more informed and compassionate dialogue,” said co-organizer Elizabeth Baker, owner of We Got The Juice, on Broadway in Kingston. “As an advocate for social equity and a firm believer in the power of community, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have partnered with us on this journey. Together, we are working towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society, where everyone has equal opportunities and access to resources.

By organizing this community day, we aim to shed light on the positive aspects of cannabis. Our goal is not only to celebrate the local Kingston-based folks who have embraced the principles of equity, but also to encourage open conversations about cannabis and its potential benefits. We firmly believe that education and understanding are key to dismantling the stigma associated with cannabis use.

I am truly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the impact we can make together. Let us come together as a community, celebrate our shared values, and pave the way for a more inclusive and stigma-free future.

Thank you once again to all our partners and supporters for joining us on this important journey. Together, we can make a difference and create a society that embraces social equity and understands the true potential of cannabis.”

If you are a grower, dispensary or have a cannabis-adjacent business and wish to become a vendor, there is a fee (with half going to the City of Kingston), and you will need a Certificate of Liability insurance rider. For more info, email:

Entry is free, and is prohibited for anyone under 21 years of age.

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