County Executive Day Submits 2024 Proposed Budget

NEW CITY – Rockland County Executive Ed Day unveiled his proposed 2024 $870 million budget at the Robert Yeager Health Complex in New City, which includes a 2% County Property Tax cut.

“On the heels of zero County property tax increases two years in a row, this year I am proposing a 2% reduction in the County property tax,” said County Executive Day. “This 2% reduction is a huge leap from the double-digit tax increases from years past.”

The reprieve is attributed to the County of Rockland recovering from a $138 million deficit in 2014 to a surplus resulting from conservative budgeting, responsible economic growth, and hard work of county employees.

“Our economic turnaround is nothing short of miraculous. I thank our dedicated employees for staying true to our commitment to conservative spending which is enabling us to absorb costs while still providing reprieve for our residents in a responsible and balanced manner,” said County Executive Day.

The 2024 Proposed Budget includes:
* 2% County Property Tax Cut.

* Increasing amounts available for patriotic observances from $1250 to $3000.

* $1 million for additional positions to strengthen our Department of Social Services, seeing increasing demand.

* Another $1.5 million for college tuition assistance for volunteer fire fighters and emergency responders.

* An additional 10% in possible funding increases to nonprofit contract agencies and 224 agencies.

County Executive Day concluded the Budget announcement by reiterating his commitment to fiscal responsibility and refusal to put off costs or difficult decisions onto future generations.

“We have come a long way in Rockland, but I promise you this administration will not rest nor stop trying to do everything possible for the people of this county. We will continue the prudent and protective practices that have gotten us this far and work hard to preserve our County for future generations,” concluded County Executive Day.

“The details of an $800 million budget require a detailed review, but based on what the County Executive announced today, it appears to be a good solid footing,” Rockland County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr. said. “The most important goal is that we have the most efficient spending plan while also continuing to provide the services our residents and businesses rely on.”

Rockland County Legislature Budget & Finance Committee Chairman Aron Wieder said a schedule of budget review dates will be released this week.

“Based on what the County Executive expressed today, the proposed budget seems to address many of the evolving needs of county government,” Legislator Wieder said. “I look forward to working in a bipartisan manner with all of my Legislative colleagues, as well as the County Executive and his staff, as a final plan is decided.”

“After attending meetings with the County Executive, his staff, and Legislative leadership, I look forward to supporting his initiatives and working with my colleagues in the legislature on the 2024 budget,” said Lon Hofstein, Minority Leader of the Rockland County Legislature.

Budget Timeline:
* By October 1 – County Executive must submit Proposed Budget to County Legislature.

* By November 20 (tentative) – County Legislature must hold a public hearing on the Proposed Budget.

* By December 7 (tentative) – County Legislature will vote to adopt the Budget. If the Legislature takes no action by December 7, the budget is deemed adopted. If the Legislature amends the proposed budget; it goes to the County Executive for review; he has five working days after receipt of the amended version to veto. He has line-item veto power.

* By December 20 – County Legislature must override, or the amended version with any vetoes becomes the budget. It takes a two-thirds vote per veto item to override that veto (Two-thirds is 12 votes).

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