Jill Biden Visits Mechatronics Lab Grand Opening

FISHKILL – On Friday, October 6, the grand opening of the $3 million, state-of-the-art, Mechatronics Lab located in The Center of Excellence for Industry & Innovation at Dutchess Community College in the Town of Fishkill was celebrated. Located at the college’s new Center of Excellence for Industry & Innovation, and the first mechatronics lab in the Mid-Hudson Region, the lab has three rooms that are set up as a Mechanical lab, an Electrical/Automation lab and a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning lab. The college will offer hands-on learning needed to support installation, maintenance, repair, calibration and troubleshooting of systems including controls and machine-to-machine networks.

DCC’s grand opening coincides with the start of National Manufacturing Month, highlighting the importance of the manufacturing sector to New York State.

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight.
Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight.

“As businesses like Micron, IBM, and GlobalFoundries prepare to bring high-tech jobs to our state, the Mechatronic Lab at Dutchess Community College represents an important part of our effort to train New Yorkers for the jobs of the future,” Governor Hochul said. “This lab, in addition to our $350 million Office of Strategic Workforce Development, will help us continue to build a 21st century workforce ready to meet the needs of 21st century businesses in our state. A tremendous thank you to our partners for making this a reality for New York.”

First Lady Jill Biden said, “This new mechatronics lab will help students get the skills they need for the growing businesses here – preparing them for careers making everything from display screens to jet engines to semiconductors. As a community college professor myself, I’m so excited to see how this work changes people’s lives.”

DCC President Peter Grant Jordan.
DCC President Peter Grant Jordan.

Dutchess Community College President Peter Grant Jordan said, “Our new Mechatronics Lab in Fishkill is a prime example of how DCC is working to meet the economic and development needs of our region and state, while also providing a pathway to gainful employment for our community members.”

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, “Empire State Development is laser-focused on innovative and smart projects that will grow the economy and provide opportunity for all New Yorkers. The state-of-the-art Mechatronics Lab located at the DCC’s new Center of Excellence for Industry & Innovation, is the perfect addition to the community and complements the many new companies that are moving into the Mid-Hudson Region. By strategically investing in workforce development, especially in advanced manufacturing we are building a bright economic future for generations to come.”

Representative Pat Ryan said, “I have two boys, 1 and 4. What I want more than anything, what I’m sure all of you want more than anything, is for our kids to have good-paying jobs that allow them to raise their families here in the Hudson Valley. That’s the future I’m fighting for every day, and it’s an honor to be joined by Dr. Biden, who I know shares that same mission. I’ll keep pushing to ensure every Hudson Valley family has the opportunity to succeed.”

Mechatronics combines the disciplines of mechanical systems, electrical systems, control systems, and computers. Manufacturing jobs pay 12 percent more in hourly compensation than comparable workers earn in the rest of the private sector and mechatronics is quickly emerging as the most in-demand discipline in its field. DCC has partnered with companies such as OnSemi, eMagin, and MPI to develop the creation of the curriculum and will be involved in offerings in the Electrical Technology Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree program and technical training. DCC is planning on expanding programs for middle and high school students, and students attending BOCES programs.

To support this project, Empire State Development provided a $435,000 Capital Grant recommended by the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council for construction and renovation and for the purchase of related equipment.

State Senator Rob Rolison said, “This strategic investment will create jobs, provide economic growth, and further strengthen the Hudson Valley’s position as a leader in advanced 21st century manufacturing. I applaud Governor Hochul and the ESD for their commitment to fostering emerging technologies and workforce training.”

Assemblymember Anil Beephan said, “I am honored to stand alongside Governor Kathy Hochul in commemorating the inauguration of Dutchess Community College’s cutting-edge mechatronics lab. DCC remains at the forefront of educational innovation, fostering a new era of learning through hands-on experiences that empower our students and prepare them for a thriving future in the workforce.”

Dutchess County Executive William F.X. O’Neil said, “This is a great day for Dutchess County and the future of employment in our community. Dutchess County is proud to have invested $1.2 million in this mechatronics lab, our latest partnership with Dutchess Community College. Dutchess County remains committed to investing in our residents and our local economy, and this Mechatronics Lab will help ensure a skilled local labor force that is ready for the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry. Building skill sets that help our residents secure well-paying jobs will have lasting impact for our residents and our community for decades to come. We congratulate Dutchess Community College on this amazing new facility, and we look forward to tracking the local success stories that will begin here.”

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