Rockland Repair Café Scheduled For Nov. 4th

NEW CITY – County Executive Ed Day announced that the Rockland Repair Café will take place on Saturday, November 4th from 10 am – 2 pm at Street Community Center, 31 Zukor Rd in New City.

The event pairs volunteer Repair Coaches, who are community members with fix-it know-how, with people who bring in items to be fixed such as lamps, digital devices, clothing, frames, small appliances, wooden items, small furniture, toys and electronics.

Anything that can be carried in by an individual will be considered for repair, except for items with gas engines (i.e. no lawn mowers, chainsaws, gas-powered landscaping equipment). Repair Coaches will assess your item and fix it for free, provided they have the materials needed on-hand. Repair Coaches almost always have the expertise.

The ability to fix or repair items is a dying art, and Repair Café celebrates the time, talent and transfer of fixer’s expertise, ensuring that their knowledge is shared with others – especially young people. It also saves tons of waste from the landfills, shrinking our carbon footprint.

“The benefits of this partnership are extensive and transformational; preserving repair know-how skills by passing them on to the younger generation is critical to Rockland’s shared future,” said County Executive Day. “I ask that you join me in this important initiative because only by working together, fostering a true sense of community, can we complete the renaissance that we have begun in this county.”

Repair Café is a free, youth-friendly community event sponsored by Rockland Conservation & Service Corps (a program of the Rockland County Youth Bureau), Rockland Green and the Town of Clarkstown.

For more information or to find out in advance if a Repair Coach can fix your item, call 845-364-2932 or e-mail

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