$60k to Fund 3-D Crime Scene Laser Scanner

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson (D-104) announced $60,000 in funding for the Town of Newburgh Police Department, enabling the purchase of a 3-D crime scene laser scanner.

Jacobson said, “This 3-D crime scene laser scanner will enable the Police Department to investigate crime scenes more quickly, help preserve evidence and build better cases for prosecution. The scanner will be used in major crime matters such as homicide shootings, home burglaries and serious motor vehicle accidents.”

Town of Newburgh Police Chief Bruce Campbell said, “We thank Assemblymember Jacobson for his quick and positive response to our request. This 3-D crime scene laser scanner will reduce time at crime scenes and help preserve evidence. For example, at a motor vehicle accident, the evidence can be preserved before weather interferes, and we will be able to clear the roads sooner. When investigating indoor crimes such as a burglary or a shooting, not only will this device save time, but it will do a more accurate job of taking measurements and photos. And it means that only one person must go in since there are no tape measures to hold.”

“This 3-D crime scene laser scanner will make the Police Department’s job easier and enhance public safety in the Town of Newburgh,” concluded Jacobson.

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