County Celebrates National Adoption Day

GOSHEN – Orange County Family Court Judge Christine Krahulik, and the Department of Social Services hosted a ceremony to celebrate National Adoption Day on Friday, November 17th at the County Courthouse.

Orange County Clerk Kelly Eskew, Sheriff Paul Arteta, Family Court Judge Carol Klein, Supreme Court Judge Sandra B. Sciortino, Deputy County Executive Harry Porr and Commissioner of Social Services and Mental Health Darcie Miller also attended the event.

November is National Adoption Month, and National Adoption Day is an annual event which encourages courts and communities throughout the U.S. to come together to finalize adoptions and to celebrate families who adopt. It provides an opportunity to raise public awareness of the need for adoptive homes and to demonstrate appreciation for the families who have opened their homes and lives to children in need of permanent homes.

“Parents who adopt play a valuable role in our communities and provide a nurturing family environment to children in need of stability in their lives,” Miller said. “It is important to recognize the invaluable contributions that these families make and thank them for their dedication to these children.”

Twenty-eight children in Orange County were adopted from foster care in 2022 and 18 have been adopted this year. There are 19 children now in adoptive placements, which means that they are officially placed for adoption and awaiting finalization.

“National Adoption Day is an event I look forward to every year because it gives us all a chance to recognize and honor families that have adopted children, families that are planning to adopt children, and families that wish to adopt children,” Krahulik said. “We hope this event raises awareness and helps create more forever families.”

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