Peter Maraday Inducted Into Veterans Hall of Fame

POUGHKEEPSIE – State Senator Rob Rolison (39th District) recently welcomed his first Veterans’ Hall of Fame selection to his Town of Poughkeepsie district office and presented him with an official Senate commendation. Master Sergeant Peter “Pete” Maraday is a 24-year Air Force and New York Air National Guard veteran and lifelong Orange County resident who resides in the Town of Montgomery with his wife Barbara, with whom he raised three children.

The Veterans’ Hall of Fame is an annual program administered by the New York State Senate “to honor and recognize outstanding veterans from the Empire State who have distinguished themselves both in military and civilian life,” according to the Senate website. Maraday was selected for his considerable military background and depth of experience as well as his work supporting other veterans and their families as Hudson Valley peer-support manager for Clear Path for Veterans, a statewide nonprofit that provides programs and services to returning service members.

“Pete Maraday served his country with bravery and honor before turning his focus to serving fellow veterans. Clear Path and its membership understand that the battle is not won just because a war ends: they continue to provide services and programs to transition veterans successfully back into civilian life. Pete has been an integral part of this network as Hudson Valley peer-support manager, helping those who have sacrificed for their country and working closely with our district office team to identify regional veteran needs as a member of my Veterans Advisory Board. I am proud to award him a place in the state’s Veterans’ Hall of Fame,” said Sen. Rolison.

“I am grateful to Senator Rolison for this tremendous honor,” said Maraday. “Military service taught me the value of hard work and dedication to the mission. Clear Path for Veterans continues to assist fellow veterans, military members, and their families by connecting them with programs and services that enhance their quality of life and well-being. It’s a fundamental belief at Clear Path that when our veterans thrive our communities thrive. It’s reassuring to know veterans have allies like Senator Rolison there to support them at the state level.”

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