Marist Women Fall to Saint Peter’s

JERSEY CITY, NJ – The Marist women’s basketball team was defeated by Saint Peter’s 51-42 on Saturday afternoon.

First Quarter
The Peacocks opened the game’s scoring, with the Red Foxes quickly responding thanks to a Morgan Lee layup.

Marist and Saint Peter’s continued to trade buckets throughout the first quarter, with the scoreline reflecting its competitive nature, ending 8-8.

Second Quarter
The Peacocks once again opened the scoring with a layup to take an early two-point lead.

They would not relinquish this lead for the remainder of the half, eventually closing things with an 18-14 scoreline.

Third Quarter
Saint Peter’s would go on a ten-point streak to start the second half. A streak that was ended by a Zaria Shazer jump shot.

The two-ball by Shazer kicked off an eight-point streak for the Red Foxes, bringing the score to 28-22 in favor of the peacocks.

The home team would once again reclaim the game’s momentum as they were able to close out the third frame 35-25.

Fourth Quarter
Kiara Fisher hit two three-point buckets in the first half of the final quarter, Marist making the score 37-31.

Unfortunately for the Red Foxes, the lowest they were able to erase the deficit to was six.

Saint Peter’s remained steadfast in their game, ensuring the Red Foxes were unable to complete a comeback.

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