Congressman Pat Ryan Delivers For Community

WEST POINT – On December 19, 2023, at West Point, Congressman Pat Ryan announced a series of landmark victories he secured in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including $190M for the Academy. The NDAA also contained other major initiatives championed by Congressman Ryan as part of his efforts on the House Armed Services Committee, including a 5.2% pay raise for service members, increased access to housing and childcare for military families, and requiring the Department of Defense (DoD) to launch PFAS contamination investigations at military installations, including in Newburgh.

As part of the NDAA, three bills introduced by Ryan were also signed into law, including legislation to crack down on insider threats, illicit drug use, and service academy misconduct. The NDAA has both the House and the Senate and will soon be signed into law by President Biden.

“The NDAA is Congress’s single biggest authorization of federal funding, and I fought hard to deliver for Hudson Valley families and for our entire country,” said Congressman Pat Ryan. “As a member of the Armed Services committee, I advocated for a military pay raise, additional funding for West Point, and a formal Department of Defense investigation into PFAS pollution in Newburgh – and now all of those priorities will officially be signed into law.”

“As a proud graduate of West Point, making this announcement here brings with it a special meaning,” continued Ryan. “The $190M I helped secure for the Academy is not just an investment in our future military leaders – it directly boosts our Hudson Valley economy, bringing with it good-paying jobs and industry as well. This bill is a major win for Hudson Valley families and the country as a whole.”

“The bipartisan passage of the 2024 NDAA is wonderful news for our military families as they balance their service and difficult economic times. As with Congressman Maloney before him, Congressman Ryan’s support of the military is a continuation of the legacy we have come to expect from our elected officials,” said Colonel (Retired) Mike Brockway, US Army Civil Affairs. “I know that Congressman Ryan will never rest until every Service Member and Veteran receives the care and support they have earned. Also notable is the protection of NATO that was included in the NDAA ensuring that this alliance will remain a bulwark against Russian expansionist aggression. Thank you, Congressman Ryan, for all you are doing and will continue to do to protect America and support those who serve.”

“First, and foremost, I would like to thank Congressman Ryan for his tireless efforts to better not just our service members’ lives, but their families’ as well. It is amazing to have such a passionate voice for our brothers and sisters,” said Thomas Bauer, an Army veteran and Joseph P. Dwyer/Vet2Vet of Orange County Program Supervisor. “These latest measures by Congressman Ryan continue to show he will always fight for those that fight for us.”

Three of the bills that Congressman Ryan separately introduced were included in the NDAA that the House of Representatives passed last Friday:

* H.R.5731 – To direct the Secretary of Defense to report on illicit drug use and overdoses by members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty will require DoD to conduct reports on illicit drug use by service members and strengthen drug use prevention and treatment systems within the Armed Forces

* H.R. 4265 – The Insider Threat Assessment Act will study and enhance military’s safeguards that protect classified information from internal threats and leaks

* H.R. 5730 – The Military Academy Honor and Conduct Act will require an updated report evaluating and comparing the honor and conduct systems at the United States Service Academies. The most recent version of such a report dates back to 1995.

Congressman Ryan is the first West Point graduate to represent the Academy in the U.S. House of Representatives. West Point is set to receive $190 million in funding from the NDAA, that will help the Academy:

* Fully fund the continuation of current construction and infrastructure projects

* Continue development of its innovative Cyber and Engineering School

* Continue to support the development and recruitment of cadets to continue West Point’s tradition of educating, training, and inspiring leaders of character for the United States Army

Congressman Ryan is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and the Congressional PFAS Task Force and fought to ensure the NDAA required the DoD to launch investigations of PFAS contamination at military installations, including at Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh. Congressman Ryan recently joined with Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to call on the DoD to expedite its clean up of the Air Base’s PFAS contamination.

Congressman Ryan pushed for major provisions in the NDAA that will support military and Hudson Valley families, and protect the United States’ status as a military global leader including:

* A 5.2% pay raise for service members

* Increased affordable childcare for military families, including $301 million to construct new child development centers, $60 million for the planning and design of new child development centers to replace current, outdated ones, and a combined $70 million for educational agencies that service military children and children with severe disabilities

* Increased affordable housing for military families and service members with $1.5 billion in investments for military housing, including $205 million for barracks replacements

* Expands service member and military family eligibility for the Basic Needs Allowance

* Expands eligibility for parental, family, and medical leaves

* Funds, resources, and strengthens the European and Pacific Deterrence Initiatives, including the AUKUS partnership that will allow Australia and the United States to continue deterrence against the Chinese Communist Party and enhance the United States submarine industrial base

Congressman Ryan has prioritized delivering economic relief to military families, introducing the Healthcare Fairness for Military Families Act to expand access to affordable healthcare for the children of military families and the Expanding Home Loans for Guard and Reservists Act. Congressman Ryan also cosponsors the Military Family Nutrition Act, the Military Food Security Act, and the Military Spouse Hiring Act among others.

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