Martin Luther King, Jr. Message Resonates Today

MIDDLETOWN – Well over 100 people participated in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. event in Middletown on Sunday.

Sponsored by the Middletown Interfaith Council, the attendees heard singing, dancing and speeches.

Father Victor Sharrizin, president of the interfaith group, said unfortunately we are facing issues Dr. King confronted all those years ago.

“We are seeking such a resurgence of hate and separatism and elitism, and it’s vital to continue to get this message out,” he said. “There are folks who actually care about each other. We actually get along with each other; we work together.”

Those at the commemoration were black, brown and white, something of which Middletown Mayor Joseph DeStefano took note.

“That’s Middletown. It’s a diverse community both ethnically and racially. It’s a community that supports each other,” he said.

Other Dr. King Day ceremonies were held around the region Monday, the national holiday marking Dr. King’s birth.

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