Look Good Feel Great Master Class Presented

MOUNT VERNON – Students at Mount Vernon High School gathered in the auditorium for a masterclass on how to utilize self-care to help promote overall wellness on Thursday, February 9, 2024. Audience members were welcomed with healthy snack options, such as fruit and water before the presentation.

The masterclass consisted of three panelists who led the conversation –Groovy Lew, Celebrity Fashion Stylist; Michelle Styles Benard, Celebrity Hair Stylist; and Mike Barnett; Celebrity Fashion Stylist.

The audience was welcomed by the Mayor of Mount Vernon, Shawyn Patterson, and Priscilla Echi, CEO of The Social Butterfly, an organization that helps put together workshops such as this one.

“Not all of ourselves see ourselves now as who we’re going to be,” said Mayor Shawyn Patterson. “Trust me, when I sat in the same seats that you sat in, I never knew that I would be standing here as the mayor now. See, fashion is not about buying the most expensive things, it’s about knowing how to take things that are basic and normal, making it your own and making it fly. When you create your own sense of style and fashion, and you can own it and you can individualize it, and you can feel good in it, that makes a big difference too.”

The panelists went on to discuss topics such as the connection between the mind, body and soul. They also gave tips on hygiene and wellness, why it is important to always dress for success, cultivating healthy habits, and mindful self care practices. After the discussion, students were able to interact with the panelists and ask them questions.

“I’m here to talk about wellness and self care with the kids today,” said Mr. Barnett. “The easy factor for me, it might sound a bit redundant, but you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you play good. And moving on into this world, once you play good, then later on they pay good. It’s also about having knowledge in self and betting the odds, trying to live a good life.”

The Social Butterfly hopes to continue this partnership with the Mount Vernon High School, to inspire more students to strive for total wellness.

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