Orange County GOP Nominate Slate of Candidates

CAMPBELL HALL – Last Thursday evening, the Orange County Republican Committee held its annual nomination convention at the Otterkill Golf Club in Campbell Hall to nominate their slate of candidates for the November 2024 election.

The committee nominated Alison Esposito as their candidate for the 18th Congressional District. Esposito, a former NYPD Captain and lieutenant governor candidate is set to square off against Democrat Pat Ryan.

For State Senate, incumbent Senator Rob Rolison was nominated to run for the 39th District and Town of Monroe Board Member Dorey Houle was nominated to run for the 42nd District. Rolison is set to face Yvette Valdes Smith of Dutchess County in his race, and Houle will face a rematch of the 2022 election against incumbent Democratic Senator James Skoufis of Cornwall.

For the region’s Assembly seats, incumbents Karl Brabenec of the 98th District and Brian Maher of the 101st District were both nominated for reelection. Neither Assemblyman has a declared opponent.

Political newcomer Thomas Lapolla of Monroe was nominated to face off against first-term Democrat Assemblyman Chris Eachus in the 99th District. Lapolla retired from the NYFD in 2022 after a 38 year career.

Judge Christine Krahulik was nominated for reelection for Orange County Family Court Judge and Ron Feller, who previously served as Town of Montgomery Supervisor, was nominated to fill a vacancy in the 9th Legislative District of the Orange County Legislature.
Finally, Courtney Canfield-Greene was nominated by the committee to serve another term as the Republican Commissioner of the Orange County Board of Elections. Canfield-Greene’s appointment is subject to confirmation by the legislature.

The committee did not nominate candidates for the 100th and 104th Assembly districts however said that interviews with potential candidates are ongoing.

Canfield-Greene, who also serves as Chairwoman of the Orange County Republican Party said she expects the slate of nominated candidates to perform well in November’s election.

“We are extremely excited to present this slate for consideration to the voters in Orange County,” said Canfield-Greene. “These individuals have the energy, drive, and common sense values that will steer our country, state, and county in a positive direction.”

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