5th Graders Become “Experts” on Ecosystems

NEWBURGH – Students at Fostertown Elementary School participated in an Informational Research Lab on Ecosystems through the ARC Reading Program. Each student researched and became an ‘expert’ on an ecosystem of their choice through an inquiry-based instructional approach that encouraged collaboration and an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the topic.

Students wrote an informational report that responded to research questions such as: What are the key characteristics of the ecosystem? What are the producers, consumers, and decomposers of the ecosystem? What are the threats to the health and stability of this ecosystem?

As a culminating activity, the student chose the type of project to bring their ecosystem to life. They chose either a diorama, poster, triorama, or brochure. Students created elaborate structures, sometimes using multiple levels, with lights, figures, and other materials to bring their creation to life. Students were very excited to learn about their ecosystem and share what they have learned with others!

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