Cybersecurity Incident Impacting Newburgh

NEWBURGH – On Tuesday, the City of Newburgh identified a network security incident. This incident will lead to a temporary disruption of some City services. The city has retained outside IT experts and other professionals who are working around the clock with the City to fully restore operations.

At this time, the City is unable to process or accept payments for property taxes, water, sewer, sanitation, permit fees, or parking tickets. Therefore, services at City Hall and 123 Grand Street will be closed to the public until further notice.

There is no disruption to City Police and Fire emergency lines and calls to 911 are fully functional. You may continue to use existing phone and email to contact City departments, but please be advised that the security incident may have impacted both phone and email systems, which may result in delayed delivery of messages and response times.

The City will continue to provide updates on the restoration of services through the City’s website and official social media pages.

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