Joby Offers Many Photography Options to Consumers

By Samuel Wilson

Joby, a Petaluma, California based company that manufactures camera and consumer electronic accessories offers an alternative to your traditional table top tripod (GorillaPod Hybrid) and your average smart phone stand (GripTight Micro Stand).

The GorillaPod Hybrid is a lightweight and adjustable ball head tripod solution, that allows you to bend and move the legs into various configurations, to better suit your needs. Your also able to bend the legs around objects, which allows you position your equipment in areas that were previously unavailable. The built in level, allows you to utilize your devices in various places, surfaces, and environments.

The GorillaPod Hybrid is designed for devices weighing up to 2.2 lbs,  such as mirrorless cameras and video cameras.  The quick-release clip makes setting up and tearing down your equipment a breeze. The device features 90° tilt and 360° pan, which enable to you to capture portrait and landscape content in an efficient and professional manner.  (

GripTight Micro Stand allows you to securely position your smartphone in order to watch videos and use applications from an upright position, without having to hold the device.

These are affordable items, that can be used in many situations.

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