Protect Your Electronics While They Are Plugged In

By Samuel Wilson

Now that winter is upon us, we need to be more aware, that inclement weather can potentially cause things such as power surges, brown outs, line noise, and/or power loss to occur. In this day and age, we have lots of items that we value plugged into the wall. We have to make sure those items are protected from these things.

Inexpensive products such as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and/or surge protectors, can help. A UPS can provide a source of backup power instantly during a power outage or brownout. A UPS will also help protect your electronics from line noise and when there is inconsistent power levels, such as spikes and surges.

Certain UPS’s have the ability to connect to computer via USB. Software can then allow you to do things such as setting up auto-shutdown, after you experience power loss, and this option can help reduce data loss.

If you don’t need the added benefit of instant backup power, it’s still important to protect your electronics, a surge protector should be used instead. A surge protector and a UPS, can also protect things such as your (RJ-11) telephone lines, (RJ-45) Ethernet lines, and (RG6) cable jacks (coaxial).

Regardless of your choice, just make sure you don’t overload the units by plugging in too many items at once. Please read the device specifications prior to purchase.

Along with that, consider purchasing from a reliable manufacturer because you don’t want to put your valuables in jeopardy because you bought a cheap unit from an unknown manufacturer.  A company such as Tripp Lite manufacturer’s quality surge protectors, UPS’s, and more. Some of their UPS units can even turn off outlets, when they aren’t in use for added power savings, visit for more info.

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