Statement on the Democratic Nomination of a Woman for President

Statement from Orange County Democratic Women past President, Willa Freiband:

Without any help from Donald Trump, today  America became great again. Orange County Democratic Women said that In nominating a woman, the Democratic party once again was a leader in moving our country forward. 

In an  election season dominated by division, fear, distrust and negativity, the world watched candidates toss out  derogatory and disrespectful remarks towards each other and towards people who represent the fabric of our country. Crude and divisive remarks often were pointed at people because of their   race,  ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and gender.  With today’s nomination of a woman by the Democratic party, American history was made today, fittingly in Philadelphia. You didn’t have to be in the convention hall in Philadelphia to feel the pride of seeing   2 rival Democrats  come together . The road to this point was rocky, but today the world saw  not all Americans have not lost their idealism or moral compass. Today, I am especially proud to be an American and a Democrat. Even in an imperfect world, today the Democratic party showed that it is a party that places hope before hate.

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