Just What Was The Women’s March About?

First, they called it “Women’s March on Washington” but that was a very big understatement or misnomer.  There were millions of women marching in DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Sydney Australia, Denver, London, and various other cities throughout the free world.  It was very orchestrated and successfully caught the attention of everyone.  The day before was the Inauguration ceremonies of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump.   There was an attempt to break up the marching ceremony by a pack of about 1000 goons.  216 of them were arrested for “Felony Rioting” which carries a sentence of 10 years.  They didn’t achieve their goal and I certainly appreciated the way the DC police department handled the situation.
The size of the DC venue was the largest of the marches and rivaled the size of the Inauguration.  Regardless of which venue, all the marches by the Million Women March (correct description) were impressive and well-coordinated.  Many of the marchers, which were about 90% female and perhaps 10% Black, carried descriptive and sometimes vulgar signs which they dropped in front of the new Trump Tower Hotel after the march.  The overall theme was rotating:  Abortion, abusive behavior by males, racism, misogyny, civil rights, rape, and immigration to name a few.

Most of the speakers were celebrities.  Most were passionate and some were vulgar.  The most extreme was Madonna who suggested “blowing up the White House” which will probably get her an interview with the Secret Service.  I think the best and most convincing was Alicia Keys.  The DC marches came into the city via 1800 buses.  That got me to wondering.  Just who is paying for all of this?  There must be millions of dollars involved.
I assume that the bank roller must be that culprit named George Soros who has supported unrest and rebellion in the past.  I was right!  This guy funded 50 various groups to participate in this massive and multi-venue event.  One of them was our traditional NAACP. The cost is at least $90 million dollars per Fox News.  This must be his biggest campaign since Move On.org.  Some are saying that this is the birth of “The Tea Party of the Left”.  I disagree with that.  The Tea Party was orderly and pushed very conservative issues in an orderly manner.  These guys border on extremism.  The filmmaker, Michael Moore stated that they were going to chase out “old school and weak democrats and create a new bolder party.”  Now that is threatening.

Soros will be the biggest threat.  This guy is a cold-hearted disrupter who loves to mettle in political arenas – the size of nations.  He carries the nick name “The man who broke the Bank of England”.  He got that by “short selling” $10 billion worth of Pound Sterling and caused a panic.  In the end, he pocketed a profit of over $1 billion.  This is how he makes his money – Currency Speculation.  He has replicated that in Southeast Asia.  Malaysia is still cringing for a similar act done there by Mr. Soros.  In 2005, he was convicted in France of Insider Trading and was fined over a million dollars.  He paid it and kept on going.  He wants to present an image of civil rights, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter and so on.  The essential point is he wants unrest and division in America and anywhere else.  He has the Hollywood celebrities duped into thinking he is quite a Democratic supporter.  It is far worst and creepier.

This is starting to remind me of the 1960’s.  This “new, bolder democratic party” is going to cause trouble for both democrats and republicans.  I pray that we do not have to go through riots, burnings, and deaths.  What we need are leaders who can unite and set examples of peaceful progress and a healthier society.  I worry about assassinations and war.  If that happens Soros would probably figure out how to stir it up and make some money – like Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.

The next big march in DC is from the conservative “bent”.  It will be the Pro-Life March.  It is expected to be another huge event.  I wonder if the NAACP will attend this.  After all, a very huge portion of abortions come from the Black communities.  Couldn’t we adopt these unwanted children instead of taking away their lives?  It is heartless!  I protect a women’s right to choose but there are many alternatives.  There must be a million families who would love to adopt an unwanted child.  Maybe our government could fund a network of adoption services.  They do it for abortion.

Mr. Alford is the President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce ®.

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