Travel Ban Assistance Offered By YWCA Orange County

NEWBURGH – YWCA Orange County is dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women, as well as promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

We offer programs addressing women’s economic empowerment, racial justice, women’s health and community advocacy.

We have been serving the people of Orange County since 1888.

As an anti-sexist, anti-racist social justice agency, YWCA Orange County stands ready to assist local community members experiencing any consequences from the recent travel ban.

YWCA has an extensive network of local, state, and national resources to address a large range of human rights violations. We will provide support and assistance to our colleagues, neighbors, and community members experiencing any form of discrimination.

“As a nation founded through immigration, we must look critically at the racialization of our current policies. In many countries around the world, few women, and certainly no children, are the decision-makers regarding emigration, yet will once again be adversely affected by the recent directives.  There are plenty of strategies to keep our country safe that don’t result in wholesale, prejudiced-based actions, targeting any one religion, nationality, or ethnicity. While YWCA will continue to advocate for racially-just policies, we are also equipped to address the results of those which are not,” said Christine Sadowski, Executive Director, YWCA Orange County.

For more information, contact YWCA Orange County at 845-561-8050, x10 or stop by YWCA Orange County at 21 West Street, Newburgh.

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