Showing the World that White Man is BacKKK

By Chris Stevenson

Totalitarian nations are always closer to the threshold of revolution than free nations – Ed Butler

Few of you probably remember when New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd called Mitt Romney “The President of White Male America.” Back then (2012) the Mittster was their feel-good candidate. His motto was ‘in order to get White Americans to love you, you must first hurt them… and blame the minorities.’ Give him credit, he learned the secret. What did he do? He put thousands of them out of work through his destructive firm Bain Capital, almost 58.5 million responded by voting for him. He needed more than 61.6 million to win the popular vote and at least make it controversial. I was wrong for thinking white voters developed Romnesia, they remembered he was a Mormon.

Well, here we are in 2017 and white male and female America done went out and voted for a man who remade himself in their own image. A billionaire who behaved like a Billy-Bob. Trump was watching the Romney campaign, and took his own run to the next level.

Like Mitt, Trump has friends who are foreign investors, only it goes much deeper with him. “He was helping them to find places to put their money” according to Rachel Maddow of MSNBC on a 2/27/17 show (and it’s been years since I watched “Maddow,” always great info). She said Deutsche Bank was fined $630 million for transferring $10 billion from Russia to offshore bank accounts in a manner suggestive of money laundering. Some of the accounts were held by relatives of Vladimir Putin. This scheme involves Deutsche branches in Moscow, New York City, and Cyprus. Reportedly the money was moved out of Russia, the Russian Central Bank slapped Deutsche $5,000. It was Loretta Lynch and the Obama Department of Justice who hit Deutsche with that $630 million charge.

What happened to some of their officials is the same that happens to most powerful white bankers in these situations. Josef Ackermann, the ousted chairman of Deutsche immediately landed a job at the Cyprus branch, being appointed chairman by its two largest shareholders; Viktor Vekselberg (a close friend of Putin), and an American, Wilbur Ross (a close friend of Trump), the largest shareholder and just recently the new Secretary of Commerce (he was  reportedly supposed to step down after his Feb. 27 confirmation). It is a third investor that is seen as the trump card in Russian compromise, Dmitry  Rybolovlev, AKA the “King of Fertilizer.” Maddow identified Rybolovlev as another Russian close to Trump, he is the prime figure who has used Trump to find places to hide his money.

Unless Trump is stopped soon, there is going to be another 9/11 hit on this soil possibly even much worse.

Trump has enough of a false conscience to think these men view him as a friend, but it looks like a relationship built solely around blackmail. There is speculation that Rybolovlev is Putin’s courier. Trump on the other hand is said to have been dealing with Russians for some 30 years now. Rybolovlev went through a long divorce battle with his then-wife for several years and began dumping money in outlandish deals designed to be hidden from her. One of those was a purchase of a large Florida property from Trump in Palm Beach, Fla. that Rybo clearly intentionally overpaid ($100 million). The payoff for Trump is more than just an election victory, in fact, the Russians may have wanted him in the White House more than he wanted himself to be. Trump was just looking to get out of debt.

This communication between him and Russia during his run may or may not be a violation of the Logan Act, surely it would be were they still the Soviet Union. I’m not sure if they can technically be classified an enemy nation since the fall of the USSR, but Obama’s economic intervention on them since their incursion into the Ukraine doesn’t put them in a favorable light.

Maddow cites a controversial new article in The New Yorker titled “Trump, Putin and the New Cold War” co-written by Evan Osnos, David Remnick, and Joshua Yaffa. The authors statements blaming the initial rumors of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., on an old Soviet disinformation program known as “active measures” puts them in the same category of author/ “conflict manager” Ed Butler who did excessive blaming of almost all American left movements on Cuba and Castro. “In the nineteen-sixties, Soviet intelligence officers spread a rumor that the US government was involved in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.” There are plenty of documents pointing to American intel’s role in the King assassination, they could start with three books by former King attorney William Pepper.

“New Cold War’s” most damning statements include “The Russians make investments in people not knowing the exact outcome… They obtain leverage on those people, too,” and “Two weeks before the Inauguration, intelligence officers briefed both Obama and Trump about a dossier of unverified allegations compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer. The thirty-five-page dossier… concluded that Russia had personal and financial material on Trump that could be used as blackmail.”

Trump’s accusations and rants against Obama were so stereotypical, one wonders what prevented Trump from publicly accusing Obama of eating too much watermelon and fried chicken? In time Trump would engage in a practice of calling Obama the opposite of what he was whenever he took a strong stand on issues. That’s the beginning of his classifying him the worst president ever, and a failure. He wasn’t interested in facts, he was interested in tickling the ears of those he knew who wanted to hear this. Putin would take a cue and fire his own active measures against him during the Ukraine invasion. Once Obama applied economic sanction and persuaded other nations to join the US, Putin influenced Russian media to portray him as “weak” and a “eunuch.”

Speaking of eunuch “The New Cold War” is a story about the Russians hacking the US presidential election, and a US President playing it overly-cautious in not intervening because one of the candidates continued use of the words “fixed,” “fake news,” etc., throughout the election.

We thought then he was crazy, but he is what he’s been since his campaign, Detractor-n-Chief.

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