Judge Acker Receives Her Sixth Top Rating

Judge Christi J. Acker, candidate for NYS Supreme Court Justice in the 9th J.D. has just received her sixth top rating, from the judicial ratings committees, including the Independent Judicial Election Qualifications Committee. She is the only candidate to receive the highest rating from six different groups.

Judge Acker, a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley, has over 25 years of Supreme Court experience. Seventeen of those years were spent working in the court system as the Principal Court Attorney to an Acting Supreme Court Justice/County Court Judge. For the past 10 years, she has had the honor of serving as Town Justice in her hometown of Pine Plains. Prior to that, she has been a practicing attorney, and has trial experience in the Supreme Court.

Beyond her ratings and experience, Judge Acker has received numerous endorsements from various groups including Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Gun Owners and Labor unions.

In front of the bench, next to the bench, and behind the bench, Judge Acker knows every aspect of the legal system. With her experience as a lawyer, a court attorney, and a Town Justice, she truly understands that people need someone on the bench who will hear their voices.

Judge Acker is the only Supreme Court candidate running in the 9th J.D. with judicial experience, the only candidate with 25 years of Supreme Court experience, and the only candidate to be rated Highly or Well Qualified by six different ratings committees. Judge Acker is running for NY State Supreme Court this November 7th on both the Democratic and Working Families lines.

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