Vote Grice in West Newburgh (Ward 3)

Dear Editor:

I urge voters of west Newburgh (Ward 3) to elect Anthony Grice to the City Council.  He and his family have deep roots in our city.  He has overcome great obstacles to become a respected educator, a homeowner and taxpayer, a pillar of his church, and a leader of our community.

But he is a different type of leader.  He listens. He is kind. He is positive. He wants to ensure that when his three boys grow up they will choose Newburgh to be THEIR home.  Anthony is passionate about his community and about being a team player and focusing on solutions.

Anthony’s positive attitude and collaborative spirit is exactly what we need on City Council.
Although he was endorsed by the Newburgh Democratic Committee, he has no interest in partisan politics.  He is running as an independent candidate on the Newburgh United line (line J).  That’s on the bottom right of the ballot.

Let’s put partisan bickering behind us and move forward-together.  Remember: Vote Anthony GRICE on Newburgh Unite line J!  bottom right.

Judy Kennedy
Newburgh, NY

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