Beulah Holds Annual Christmas Celebration

By Journalist Ms. Jones

POUGHKEEPSIE – Beulah Baptist Church held their Christmas Celebration 2017 on Saturday, December 23.

“This is number forty. I am in my fortieth year of pastoring the church and we’ve had a Christmas concert every year. It just gets better… as we lift up Jesus who is the reason for the season.,” said Rev. Jesse Bottoms Jr., pastor of Beulah Baptist Church.

A mime performed. Beulah’s Youth Dancers, Young Adult Dancers, and Adult Dancers danced.

“Our dance ministry… God has really blessed it and it has really grown. We have the young adult dancers. This is their first time… Our youth are such a big part of this. We’re just here to celebrate Jesus,” said Stacey Bottoms who just gave her trial sermon.

The theme of this Christmas Celebration was ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus.”

Special guest De’Shaun Cummings sang “Oh Holy Night” at Beulah Baptist Church’s Christmas Celebration 2017.

“The season that is so filled with everything else but Jesus, we had to bring it back with what it’s about… We targeted songs that geared around Jesus, songs that focused solely on Jesus… not about self, not about gifts or anything like that… but about Jesus, what he’s done, his purpose, why he came to die, why he came to be,” said Recording Artist Tarrence Motley who is the Director of Worship and Arts and Minster of Music at Beulah.

Beulah’s Youth Mass Choir and Beulah’s Male Chorus sang. Special guest De’Shaun Cummings from Beth-el COGIC sang “Oh Holy Night” and led Beulah’s Mass Choir in “Let’s Talk About Jesus.” His testimony of being robbed at gunpoint and how calling on the name of Jesus made the robbers run out of the door lit the church on fire in a frenzy of “shouting.”

“We’re baptecostal. We’re just giving God praise. We don’t care. We give him praise. We love him. He’s awesome,” said Motley who is currently in the studio working on a worship album called “He is Worthy” which he plans to release in April 2018.

A mime performed at Beulah Baptist Church’s Christmas Celebration 2017.

The ACTS Ministry performed the play “It Isn’t Your Birthday Anyway.” They are already planning for next year’s Christmas Celebration.

“God gives me the vision the year before. Next year’s theme… is ‘Nonforgiveness Can Make You Sick.’ It gonna be a Christmas story where the woman does not get along with her sister and they haven’t talked for years and then around Christmastime they start talking… She’s aching. She has pain…. Once she forgives her sister, then all of those aches and pains just go away,” said Eugenia Jones who has been the playwright for the ACTS Ministry since 2011.

“God gives me the title and then I write around the title.”

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