Kim Burrell Sings in Pre-New Year’s Eve Concert

By Journalist Ms. Jones

NEWBURGH – Recently, Stellar Award Winner and Grammy Award Nominee Kim Burrell sang in a Pre-New Year’s Eve Concert at the Hudson Valley Hotel and Conference Center. The concert was given by Leslie Mathis, CEO of Lend an Ear Productions, and Pastor Stacey Burks, CEO of Kingdom Family Productions.

“I love Newburgh. This is my heart,” said Burks. “I want to bring something to help bring hope and unity within the community.”

The concert was packed. There was standing room only. It was hosted by Pastor RD McClymore and featured a medley of talent, including singing group Divine Inspiration, Recording Artist Jasmine Parker, 2016 McDonald Gospelfest Male Vocalist Winner Bernard McClinton, Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Jermaine Paul and the Paul Family Faithlock, and Recording Artist Kentrell Ragin & Co.

“I had a great time ministering tonight… spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and music… I’ve been playing the keyboard since I was three years old. God allowed me to move up, step up, and be an artist… I just released my first album called ‘Like Never Before,’” said Ragin who came all the way from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ragin’s debut album just charted at number twenty-three on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums.

Divine Inspiration performed at the Kim Burrell Concert at the Hudson Valley Hotel and Conference Center.

Burrell sang “I Call You Faithful,” “Watch Me Praise Him,” “It is Well,” “There’s Something About That Name,” and “It Is Done.” She also invited the singers in the audience to come onstage to sing “More Than Anything” with her.

This was Burrell’s first time in Newburgh.

“It feels refreshing [to do a concert in Newburgh.] It’s in a place I’ve never been before… I look forward to coming back,” said Burrell who is preparing for a tour and planning to put out a new record called “Kim Burrell Live in Miami.” She is also writing a book called “Higher: A Different Place.” “It’s about… my career, and my personal life, and the happenings of 2017.”
Burrell has been in the “music business” for thirty-one years, but is not just a singing sensation. She has also been a pastor for seven years.

“My church suffered damage during Hurricane Harvey… We got some flood damage, but for the most part the people stayed together. We made our church into a help center, actually helping hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with product, which I was more glad about than losing the stuff we did and I’m glad to say that we’re about to refurbish,” said Burrell who is the pastor and founder of Love and Liberty Fellowship Church International in Houston, Texas.

Lend an Ear and Kingdom Family Productions plan to do many more events in the Hudson Valley.

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