SUNY NP Grad Opens Up Show at NYC Event

NEW YORK – SUNY New Paltz graduate and performing artist Afia Mensah has been selected by popular plus-size fashion blogger Anita Matey to open up for her “Love You, Live Now (LYLN): Strength of a Woman” event at 301 Henry Street Settlement in NYC on September 15, 2018. This event is purposed to allow women of all shapes and sizes to convene and show support as discussions occur on how women, regardless of their size, can learn to love themselves from the inside and out.

As a Ghanaian-American, Mensah has always been immersed in a variety of Ghanaian music from its popular hi-life to gospel and now afrobeats. She enjoys incorporating these elements into her live performances and is excited to showcase it on stage as she opens up for this second annual event. After connecting through Instagram, Matey believed Mensah would be a great addition to the event not only because of her singing capabilities, but due to the fact that she would serve as a great representation for not just plus-size women but for Ghanaians as well.

Matey states, “Afia Mensah brings a new kind of vibe to afrobeats, a rich vibe that excites and commands you to listen to her voice. I am excited to see where her talent will take her, and am anticipating her performance at LYLN. Her performance at this women’s empowerment event will be another example of how much talent truly comes from Ghana.

Described as a day to celebrate resilience, LYLN creates a safe space for women of all sizes to celebrate one another and find strength within insecurities. There will be panel discussions on topics such as social media, fashion, relationships, and self-expression in addition to mixer sessions.

The event will take place from 12:00pm-4:00pm and will feature giveaways and gift bags. Tickets are 15 dollars and all donations will go to Third Street Women’s Residence which provides shelter for domestic violence victims.

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