Harvey Wins Democratic Newburgh Primary

NEWBURGH – Former Newburgh City Councilman Torrance Harvey, who was appointed mayor in April after Mayor Judy Kennedy passed away, easily won the Democratic primary election to run for the remaining one year in the late mayor’s four-year term.

Harvey defeated former councilwoman Gay Lee 1,130 votes to 343.

Harvey told his supporters Thursday night that the city will continue to move forward because crime is way down.

“Now once we deal with the crime element, we can deal with new home ownership, new businesses, new rateables, we can deal with economic stimuli, we can also deal with bringing meaningful employment to our city,” he said.

Harvey and Lee will face each other again in the general election. Lee will appear on the Independence and Reform Party lines and Harvey will also be on the Working Families Party line.

There is no Republican candidate for mayor.

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