Proposed Beacon Budget Lowers Taxes Again

BEACON – The 2019 proposed Beacon budget of $20.7 million comes in under the state tax cap and for the third year, property tax rates would drop.

The spending plan will use $325,766 in fund balance.

Mayor Randy Casale said it was a difficult budget to craft because of rising costs.

“We pay $268,000 to haul the recyclables and we have $99,698 increase in the general fund to dispose of them at $61 a ton,” he said. “The other big hit was insurance. There was a nine percent increase in our compensation insurance and in our health insurance there was a 15 percent increase.”

The ranks of the paid firefighters would increase by one to 13 under the spending plan as the city’s building inspector, who is paid in a firefighter budget line, is retiring. A new slot will be created with the retiring officer’s line being filed with an extra firefighter.

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