RUPCO Dedicates New Project in Newburgh

NEWBURGH – RUPCO, in partnership with New York State Homes and Community Renewal, New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, along with municipal and private partners, officially opened their East End Newburgh Development project.

The $15.1 million project consisting of 15 buildings and 45 apartments spans from Dubois to Lander streets.

The project will offer mixed-income housing, including a “Hub” of 3,000 square feet for community usage and will provide seven formerly homeless residents, ages 18-25, with case management provided through Bridges of New York.

RUPCO President Kevin O’Connor said the project represents a unique partnership between many different entities in that they were able to accomplish a project that preserved the historical preservation of the buildings, while also making sure community housing needs were met.

“We try to bring to communities that which we can bring: some expertise and trying to help understand the need, and then bring resources to it,” said O’Connor. “You just have to look at a few of these pictures to see the kind of renaissance, turn-around and historic treatment that we’ve been able to apply to these buildings.”

Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey praised the work that RUPCO and its partners have done, from the local, to state, to private level. He said this trajectory of involved partnership is what’s necessary to further the beautification of Newburgh and to provide stability for its residents.

“We must continue to work collaboratively, creatively, to provide equity, real equity, of opportunity and access to fair, decent, affordable housing for all of our residents,” said Harvey. “We cannot survive as human beings in a healthy, productive community without that important work.”

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