Scott Manley Deserves Our Votes on Nov. 6th

Dear Editor:
One of the benefits of serving as Town Clerk for 17 years is the opportunity to work with, and observe, Scott Manley.

As a highly respected police officer for a quarter of a century, Scott earned the admiration and respect of the community at large and his fellow officers. This is obvious from his election as PBA president, making him the only candidate this year who was a union member and in fact was head of his union for 12 years.

On the Town Council, and as Deputy Town Supervisor, he has been totally committed to service to our Town. We at Town Hall have seen him working for a better Town every day.

Now that election time is upon us, many candidates are proposing abolishing property taxes as a means of funding our schools and finding alternative methods. Scott has publically called for this along with his fellow Councilmen for the past three years, long before he decided to run this year.

The 104th Assembly District has been fortunate to be represented in Albany by first Tom Kirwan and then Frank Skartados. They both earned universal respect by putting themselves above party politics and making themselves available to serve the public seven days a week. Scott Manley is following in their footsteps and deserves our votes on November 6.

Andrew J. Zarutskie
Town Clerk
Town of Newburgh

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