Skoufis Calls For Metro-North Expansion

WOODBURY – As the Woodbury Village Planning Board begins its consideration of another expansion of the Woodbury Common Factory Outlets, State Assemblyman and Senator-elect James Skoufis is calling on the village to “advance a new Metro-North station as part of their application.”

Currently, the closest station is Harriman, about a mile away.

He said a Metro-North station at the mall would “remove tens if not hundreds of thousands of vehicles from our interchange annually.”

In a letter to the planning board, Skoufis also objected to a proposed heliport. If one is approved, “it should only be permitted for medical evacuations. Commercial or private helicopters flying into and out of Woodbury Common is an over-the-top and undesirable prospect for the people who live in the surrounding area,” he wrote.

Woodbury is presently undergoing a $150 million transformation of the exit 131/Routes 6-17-32-Thruway interchange, “as a project necessitated by the outlet mall – and its 13 million annual visitors – outgrowing the surrounding infrastructure.”

He said the project is “meant to provide relief to the Woodbury community and surrounding region; it is not intended to provide additional capacity for Woodbury Common.”

The shopping venue’s expansion proposal includes 2,000 more parking spaces, new stores, a spa and hotels. That would “significantly reduce the interchange upgrade’s benefit to local residents, an unacceptable consequence.”

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